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Nutshell is both simple and powerful

Enhance Your CRM With

Powerful CRM Add Ons

  • Campaigns: Email marketing and your CRM can be the same tool!
  • Revenue Booster: a bundle of features meant to help you boost your revenue!
  • VisitorIQ: turn website visitors into pipeline leads in a few clicks
  • CompetitorIQ: see how your website stacks up to your competitors
  • AppConnect: get additional assistance with your CRM integrations

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Email Marketing


  • Easily build audiences from your CRM contacts
  • No-code email builders (we also provide templates)
  • Send Broadcasts (one-time), Newsletters (recurring) or Drip Sequences
  • Connect your sales and marketing efforts
  • All Nutshell customers can try Campaigns for free up to 150 emails sent per month
  • Paid plans start at $5 per month and are based on the number of contacts in your CRM

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Scheduler, Landing Pages & Email Booster

Revenue Booster

  • Scheduler: Online meeting scheduler built right in Nutshell
    • Works with Google Meet, Zoom and Microsoft Teams
    • Automatically creates activities
  • Landing Pages: No-code, conversion-focused landing pages
    • Use for your marketing efforts
    • This feature is coming soon!
  • Email Booster: Nutshell’s personal email sequences available in your inbox
    • Prefer to send from your email provider? Get all the features of Nutshell’s email automation in your inbox
    • This feature is coming soon!
  • Try it out during your 14-day trial for free
  • $37 per month
  • This price is for your entire company, not per user

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Website visitor tracking


  • See what Companies and People are visiting your website, even if they don’t fill out a lead form or call your sales team.
  • Customize your settings to only show you Companies and People that match your ideal customer profile.
  • Use “credits” to unlock information and add a website visitor as a lead in your pipeline with a few clicks
  • Outbound volume with Inbound close rates
  • Must have Nutshell Analytics (free) installed
  • 10 free uses per month
  • Paid plans start at $37 per month for 100 monthly credits
  • This price is for your entire company, not per user.

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Get insights on your competitors digital marketing strategies


  • Compare how your website performs against your competitors.
  • See where your competitors are getting their web traffic (organic, paid, email, referral, etc.)
  • See how your competitors’ traffic is trending
  • Get insights on how you can increase your web traffic
  • Free for all Nutshell customers

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Integration solutions from Nutshell


  • Nutshell offers Integrations that are easy to set up and don’t require engineering knowledge to get them working.
  • To help our customers connect their CRM with more applications, we present to you: AppConnect
  • There are 4 tiers of AppConnect that you can choose from depending on the applications you need to connect to and what type of assistance you need in setting up and maintaining the integrations.

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Add-on FAQs

  • Do I need to purchase an add-on to use Nutshell’s CRM features?

    Absolutely not! Our paid-features are not mandatory to purchase. In fact, most of our paid add-ons are available in a limited capacity so that you can try before you buy!

  • Are the paid add-ons available during my free trial?

    Short answer: yes!

    Campaigns, Revenue Booster, VisitorIQ and CompetitorIQ are all available to try out in a limited capacity during your trial at no additional cost.

    AppConnect is strictly a paid feature.

  • How does pricing work for the paid add-ons?

    This is our most commonly asked question!

    When purchasing your Nutshell plan (Foundation, Pro, PowerAI and Enterprise), you are paying per user.

    For our add-ons, it’s different:

    • Campaigns is based on the number of people contacts you have in your CRM and paid plans start at $5/mo.
    • Revenue Booster is $37/mo for your whole company (whether you have 1 user or 150 users).
    • VisitorIQ is also charged per company (whether you have 1 user or 150 users) and paid plans start at $37/mo for 100 unlock credits.
    • CompetitorIQ’s early access features are free for all Nutshell customers.
    • AppConnect has 4 tiers that all have a one-time onboarding fee and a monthly fee that is charged per company (whether you have 1 user or 150 users).

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