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The Best SaaS CRM Software for Your Business

Nutshell is the optimal software for helping you build better relationships with your customers and boost your revenue. Keep reading to find out more.


Our SaaS CRM can elevate your customer relationships

Every business needs digital tools to serve their customers and capture valuable opportunities.

That’s great news for software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies like yours, as it gives you ample opportunities to sell your software to new clients. But your clients aren’t the only ones who need business software—you do too. In particular, you need a customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

A CRM allows you to better manage your customer data, and there’s no CRM for SaaS customers that’s better than Nutshell. Our software comes with a number of standout benefits that make us an optimal choice for your business.

Why do you need a SaaS company CRM?

The main reason your SaaS business needs its own CRM is that it helps you better understand your audience. And as any marketer knows, understanding your audience is crucial to succeeding in your advertising and sales endeavors.

It’s also useful to rely on a CRM because it makes it easier to automatically gather and analyze data, rather than spending all your time doing it manually.

And when you choose a CRM, you’ll naturally want to choose one from a company like Nutshell that knows all the needs of the SaaS industry.

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How does Nutshell’s SaaS business CRM help you?

There are several benefits to using Nutshell’s SaaS company CRM. On top of the usual features present in all CRMs, there are a few ways Nutshell stands out.

1. Nutshell is optimized for user-friendliness

Our SaaS business CRM is built to be as user-friendly as possible. To start with, you can easily switch between the “Person,” “Company,” and “Lead” tabs in the sidebar. This lets you quickly find what you’re looking for and create filtered lists to help you organize your data.

Additionally, you can use Nutshell’s predictive search feature to find any contacts in the CRM using names or phone numbers.

And since we know you may sometimes want to add new contacts to your database while you’re out and about, Nutshell makes it easy to do so on the mobile app—you can even scan business cards to automatically input new information.

2. Nutshell automates time-wasting tasks

One of the worst things about working without a CRM is that you have to spend hours of your time painstakingly gathering customer data all on your own. But not with Nutshell.

We built our SaaS CRM specifically to minimize the amount of time you have to spend on repetitive tasks. Any day-to-day tasks that we could automate, we did, freeing you up to spend more time closing deals and managing other aspects of your marketing.

To name just one example of our sales automation, you can set up Nutshell to automatically manage your email campaigns or personal email outreach, sending out emails to customers in an automated sequence that shuts off as soon as an email receives a reply.

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3. Nutshell provides high-quality reports and analytics

Tracking customer data isn’t that helpful unless you take the time to analyze it. Analytics can help you learn more about your audience, enabling you to market to them more effectively going forward. That means you ultimately close more sales and earn more revenue.

That’s why Nutshell puts in the work to provide you with top-tier analytics within our SaaS company CRM. You can see information related to customer demographics, interests, and conversion metrics.

All you have to do is hop into the “Reports” tab. There, you’ll get an automatically generated sales report, but you don’t have to stop there—you can generate reports on virtually any metric you want to take a closer look at.

4. Nutshell makes you a priority

Finally, we at Nutshell know that no amount of tools or features can make up for poor or basic customer service. That’s why we’ll strive to provide the same quality to you that you do to your own clients.

Our customer service team goes above and beyond to help you understand our SaaS CRM and get the best results from it. When you have questions or concerns about anything, you can simply get in touch with us for help navigating the issue.

This is arguably the feature that sets Nutshell the furthest apart from the competition. Most CRMs only function as tools, but that’s not the case with us. We know that a support team of fellow humans is worth a thousand automated chatbots or online guides, and our team is here to meet that need.

Our customers close over $7 Billion in sales each year with Nutshell!

Upgrade your CRM capabilities with Nutshell

We believe that Nutshell is the optimal CRM for SaaS companies. Our award-winning sales platform offers incredible ease of use, sales automation capabilities, in-depth reports, and the best customer service you’ll find. With our CRM tool, you can take your customer relationships to new heights and boost your revenue down the line.

Want to see what Nutshell can do for your SaaS company? Try it out free for 14 days!

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