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Nutshell is both simple and powerful

Pipeline Management CRM

Easily View, Manage and Move Leads Through Your Pipeline to Won!

Nutshell’s flexible pipeline management views let your reps work the way that works for them.

Board view

Board view is the interactive way to manage your pipeline. Drag and drop leads to the next sales stage and mark leads as won, lost, or canceled. Monitor the general health of your pipeline and quickly see what needs to be done next.

List view

List view is the most traditional way for pipeline management. In our CRM, view your pipeline leads in rows and sort by columns based on the age of the lead, stage, confidence, value, and more.

Map view

Ideal for outside sales reps, Map view shows exactly where your companies and people are located, helping you plan for on-site meetings and scheduling activities. Want to find your best leads on the go? Our free iPhone app lets you quickly view any lead list or filtered lead segment in a zoomable, smooth-scrolling map.

Chart view

Chart view quickly details your lead trends by timeframe, quantity, and value in an easy-to-read graph.

Hot leads!

Are your leads hot or not? Hot leads let you prioritize the prospects that are most meaningful to you, so you know exactly where to focus your attention. Whether a lead is brand new or already in your pipeline, you can “heat it up” in one click and it’ll immediately be front-and-center on your lead views, dashboard, and to-do lists. Learn more about hot leads here!

The greatest benefit is tracking your leads and where they come from. It’s been very beneficial to tag each lead and look at them on the map view to evaluate our marketing efforts.

April M. Territory Sales Representative Lira Clinical

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