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Simple, flexible CRM that helps teams organize their contacts, leads, and conversations.

$1916 per user per month

Included in all plans…

  • Unlimited data, people, company & lead storage
  • Contact management and communication timelines
  • Email and calendar sync
  • Customizable single sales pipeline
  • Free live support
  • And more
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CRM, sales automation, and advanced reporting to help your team maximize every opportunity.

$4942 per user per month

Everything in Foundation, plus…

  • Sales automation
  • Multiple pipelines
  • Personal email sequences
  • Full reporting suite, including Activity, Funnel, and Forecast reports
  • And more
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Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to improve efficiency, effectiveness and revenue in your CRM.

$5952 per user per month

Everything in Pro, plus…

  • 50 AI timeline summarizations per user each month
  • Zoom transcription summarization
  • Click tracking & notifications (also in Pro)
  • Connected form set up (also in Pro)
  • Unlimited in-app phone dialing and recording (also in Pro)
  • And more
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No limits. No caps. No breaking the bank. Our tier that gives your team the most firepower without costing a fortune.

$7967 per user per month

Everything in Power Ai, plus…

  • Unlimited pipelines and custom fields
  • 100 AI timeline summarizations per user each month
  • Audit log, Changelog and Read-only SQL access
  • Multiple currencies
  • Free scheduled phone support
  • API support
  • Dedicated success strategist (5 user minimum)
  • And more
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Enhance your CRM

CRM plans are priced per seat. The add-ons below are priced per company.

CRM and Email Marketing with one login.

Starting at $5/mo for 100 Contacts

  • Design emails with no code or use our templates
  • Easily create audiences from your CRM contacts
  • Newsletters, Broadcasts and Automated Drip Sequences
  • Test Campaigns out with 150 free messages/month
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Get more insights on your website visitors.

Starting at $37/mo for 100 Credits

  • Turn cold website visits into prospects
  • Keep track of the pages your current leads are visiting
  • Anticipate the need of your current customers
  • Try it out with 10 free credits per month
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Increased efficiency, flexibility and revenue.

$37/mo – that’s it!

  • Nutshell Scheduler: natively schedule online meetings
  • Landing Pages: easy to design and build landing pages for your campaigns
  • Email Power up: send personal email sequences directly from your inbox
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Online Competitor Tracking Software

Free for all Nutshell customers!

  • Traffic by market share: compare your site traffic to your competitors!
  • Traffic strategy breakdown: see what channels drive the most traffic
  • Traffic Trends: track the historical performance of rival sites
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Connect all of the apps you need to Nutshell.

Starting at $50/mo

  • Our experts will connect Nutshell to your mission-critical products
  • Monitoring, QA and support for your Nutshell integrations
  • Routine calls with a Nusthell Support Engineer
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Thousands of Powerful Integrations

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All plans include unlimited CRM contacts, unlimited data storage, and technical support from real human beings.

Contact management

  • Unlimited contact records and data storage

  • Centralized customer database Store your customers’ contact information, order details, and communications in one place, accessible to your entire team from any device.

  • Automatic contact sync Synchronize your phone contacts and collect customer information instantly from website forms.

  • Automatic customer data scouring Nutshell Intelligence automatically searches public sources to gather information on your new leads, such as their location, job title, and social media accounts.

  • Intelligent search function No need to type exact names to find your clients and companies. Type in a part of it, and we’ll fill in the rest.

  • Business card scanner

Lead capture

  • Custom web form designer Design simple web forms that capture customer information and automatically create new contacts and leads.

  • Unlimited forms Up to 5 Forms on Foundation
    Up to 10 Forms on Pro
    Up to 25 Forms on Power AI

  • Copy-and-paste form embed codes

  • Shareable URLs for forms

  • Form performance tracking Nutshell automatically tracks page visits, form submissions, and conversion rate from all of the webpages where the form has been embedded.

Pipeline management

  • Customizable sales pipeline

  • Unlimited pipelines 1 Pipeline on Foundation
    Up to 5 Pipelines on Pro
    Up to 10 Pipelines on Power AI

  • Drag-and-drop Board view

  • Interactive Map view

  • List view

  • Chart view

  • Hot leads Give your high-priority leads more visibility throughout your CRM

Communication and task management

  • Communication histories

  • Team @-mentioning and alerts

  • Unlimited bulk email templates

  • Activity reminders

  • Unlimited click-to-call and phone recordings

  • Unlimited Custom Fields Up to 25 on Foundation
    Up to 50 on Pro
    Up to 100 on Power AI

  • Multiple Currencies Nutshell Enterprise supports the usage of multiple currencies.

Reporting and performance tracking

  • At-a-glance revenue and pipeline dashboard Keep an eye on your sales numbers, what your team is up to, and what you need to get done that day—all in one convenient place.

  • Sales report Instantly view how you’re tracking against quota and previous periods, and segment by product, rep, lead source, and more to identify what’s really driving your sales.

  • New leads report Monitor your lead volume, identify your best lead sources, and ensure that your pipeline is always full.

  • Advanced reports Forecast report, Losses report, Activity report, Funnel report and Custom reports.

  • Snapshots Discover and track trends in pipeline growth, win rate, sales cycle size, and more.

  • Sales and activity quotas

  • Customizable roles Create roles within your organization and customize the permissions for each. Foundation includes two roles, Pro and Power AI include three, and Enterprise includes 50.

  • Changelog View changes on People, Leads and Company timelines to trace any user actions.

  • Audit Log Trace certain actions taken by users in your organization, user logins, bulk list exports, bulk edits

  • Read-only SQL Access Leverage SQL to extract, transform and analyze your Nutshell data for custom integrations and advanced reporting.

Sales automation

  • Guided sales process builder

  • Automated lead assignment

  • Automated pipeline distribution

  • Automated lead advancement

  • Automated tasks

  • Post-sale lead management Nurture existing customers and recapture lost prospects by creating follow-through tasks for won, lost, or cancelled leads.

  • Team guidance and coaching Help new sales reps hit the ground running by providing instructions and expectations for each pipeline stage.

  • Teams Up to 2 on Foundation
    Up to 5 on Pro
    Unlimited on Enterprise
    Used to restrict user permissions, assigning leads to multiple users at once, organizing your sales team and setting sales quotas for your team.

Email automation

  • Send and reply to work emails directly from Nutshell

  • Shareable email templates

  • One-click bulk emailing

  • Personal email sequences Create and schedule one-on-one sales drips that are more likely to capture attention. Nutshell triggers a sales sequence at the pipeline stage of your choice, remembers the follow-up for you so that valuable prospects don’t float away, and stops the sequence as soon as they reply.

  • Reply rate tracker and view counter

  • Email click tracking & notifications Track engagement on the emails you send from Nutshell.

  • Email health score

  • 150 Free Nutshell Campaigns Emails Nutshell Campaigns is an add-on that starts for as little as $5/mo and is based on the number of contacts. Even without adding Nutshell Campaigns, you are able to send up to a certain number of emails with Nutshell Campaigns based on your CRM plan.