Nutshell 3.0 launched for the iPhone, featuring next-level filtering and map capabilities

Last updated on: May 19, 2023

The latest update to our iPhone app includes powerful new segmentation capabilities, and brings smooth-scrolling maps to the palm of your hand.

For years, Nutshell Maps has made it easy for our customers to view their leads on an interactive map, filtered by any tags or attributes that they choose. (Want to see all your hot leads located in the Southwest? We got you.)

Nutshell users can also use the map itself as the filter, turning the leads within a geographic area into a simple list with one click—a neat little trick that can reveal some location-specific sales opportunities.

This month, we are proud to announce that we’ve brought Nutshell Maps to our iPhone app.

Try it for yourself

Fire up the Nutshell app on your iPhone, and open up a list of leads. Tap the swanky new funnel icon at the top right. You’ll find a comprehensive new list of filtering and sorting tools. At the top, you’ll see every “Saved list” that you’ve built in the Nutshell web edition. With a tap, you can access that list.

Or, if you’d like to take a look at the leads opened last week by a particular member of your team, you can create new segments on the fly.

Then, get mappy!

From any on-the-fly segment or saved list, you can hop over to a smooth, zoomable map, to see each lead or contact. Zoom in and tap any of the pins to preview.

For outside sales reps on the go who need to plan out client visits and on-site product demos, having Nutshell Maps in your phone is a big, big deal, since it helps organize your route planning and nurture your relationships with local customers.

Remember, Nutshell Maps is available in all Nutshell subscriptions, and our iPhone app is free for all customers, so you’ve got no excuse not to take this thing for a spin. Download the Nutshell iPhone app from the Apple store if you haven’t already, and let us know what you think!


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