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CRM Lead Attribution

Know How You Got Your Best Leads With our Lead Attribution

Discover where your best leads come from with automatic lead attribution.

Take the work out of lead attribution

See where your leads come from without spending time on manual data input. With our Nutshell Analytics technology, channel and source data will automatically be added to your new leads so you can see exactly where they came from right away.

nutshell analytics lead data

Evaluate and report on your top-performing channels

Want to learn more about your leads? With Nutshell, you’ve got options. Our easy-to-use attribution report (available in Pro subscriptions) breaks down leads and win rate by channel. You can also filter your leads by channel and segment sales, losses, new leads, forecasts, and custom reports by channel.

Attribution report in Nutshell

Better understand your audience and marketing efforts

With automatic lead attribution and reporting, you can better understand your audience and determine which of your campaigns are driving the most leads and sales, helping you to optimize your marketing.

Sales data segmented by channel

The greatest benefit is tracking your leads and where they come from. It’s been very beneficial to tag each lead and look at them on the map view to evaluate our marketing efforts.

April M., Territory Sales Representative, Global Skincare Company

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