admin / October 26th, 2019

Gregg Sulkin and Laura Marano are getting into the holiday spirit early this year with ‘A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish.’ HL spoke exclusively with the pair about their duet, Kat and Dominic’s relationship, and more. Check out their full interview HERE

gregg sulkin gregg sulkin gregg sulkin gregg sulkin

admin / June 26th, 2019

From his early days at Disney to his latest works, Gregg Sulkin continues to raise the bar for young actors across the industry. As a well experience actor, Gregg tells all about his experience in Hollywood and all that he has learned through the process. He also shines some light on his latest projects and more.

Gregg on what social media means to him:

I think for me, I see it as an opportunity to inspire and encourage people. There is a dark side to social media, that I do not like, so I try to spread positivity on my platforms. I think it’s important we as a society use social media in the correct way, otherwise I think it can be very harmful to your mental health.

gregg sulkin gregg sulkin gregg sulkin gregg sulkin

Read full interview HERE!

admin / October 30th, 2018

Check out Gregg Sulkin for Luca Magazine and his mini-interview which you can read HERE

“Don’t think your single voice doesn’t matter, because it does.”

gregg sulkin gregg sulkin gregg sulkin gregg sulkin

admin / January 13th, 2018

Gregg Sulkin of Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ joins The Hollywood Reporter in studio to talk about his character and how he landed the job. For ET he also revealed his hopes for a ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ reunion and praised his former co-star, Selena Gomez.

admin / December 8th, 2017

Gregg Sulkin attends the 2017 GQ Men of the Year party at Chateau Marmont on December 7, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.

gregg sulkin gregg sulkin gregg sulkin gregg sulkin

admin / November 30th, 2017

Gregg Sulkin stopped by the Zach Sang studio to talk about remaining friends with Bella Thorne, working on Wizards of Waverly Place and his new show Marvel’s Runaways!

admin / November 23rd, 2017

Gregg Sulkin was pictured on set of Marvel’s Runaways to reshoot some scenes in Hollywood, California on November 22, 2017. The same day he was spotted carrying a beautiful flower bucket while going down the street with his mom in Los Angeles, California.

gregg sulkin gregg sulkin gregg sulkin gregg sulkin

gregg sulkin gregg sulkin gregg sulkin gregg sulkin

admin / November 23rd, 2017

Gregg Sulkin was interviewed by InStyle to promote Marvel’s Runaways which is already available to watch on Hulu. In the interview, he talks about the show, his love for Marvel, taking charge of his future and characters, relationship with his parents while being a teen, working with Josh Schwartz, crazy fan encounters, choosing what he wants to share with his followers and what to keep in private, love for animals, shirtless photos and favorite indulgence.

Gregg on the Marvel’s Runaways:

“It’s a bit like Stranger Things, and it has a glossy darkness to it similar to Gossip Girl. Our show is fun. You don’t just want to come back for each episode; you’re excited for the next scene.”

Gregg on being Marvel’s fan:

“I’ve always been a Marvel fan, for sure, I was more into athletics than comics when I was a kid, because I wanted to be a soccer player and I was mostly concentrated on that. But once I started getting into film, I really began to appreciate the message of Marvel stories. I love what the brand represents in terms of diversity, and I think that we’re living in a time where the world needs it more than ever.”

Read full interview HERE!

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Runaways Season 3
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After discovering their parents are super-villains in disguise, a group of teenagers band together to run away from their homes in order to atone for their parents' actions and to discover the secrets of their origins.
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When his new girlfriend gets deported on a technicality, Ross hires a fake husband to get her back into the country because he's not ready to commit to marriage.
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A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish will be the fifth installment of the A Cinderella Story film series-created by Leigh Dunlap, and based on Cinderella.
This Is the Year
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The pic follows a nebbish high school senior and his best friends as they embark on a road trip to attend the greatest music festival of the year in a last-ditch effort to win over the girl of his dreams.
The Adventures of Bunny Bravo
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Adventures of Bunny Bravo is about a rabbit named Bravo who lives on Easter Island. Bravo never does anything right and, to make things worse, his little brother (Taquito) is the "chosen one,".

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