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Gregg Sulkin was interviewed by InStyle to promote Marvel’s Runaways which is already available to watch on Hulu. In the interview, he talks about the show, his love for Marvel, taking charge of his future and characters, relationship with his parents while being a teen, working with Josh Schwartz, crazy fan encounters, choosing what he wants to share with his followers and what to keep in private, love for animals, shirtless photos and favorite indulgence.

Gregg on the Marvel’s Runaways:

“It’s a bit like Stranger Things, and it has a glossy darkness to it similar to Gossip Girl. Our show is fun. You don’t just want to come back for each episode; you’re excited for the next scene.”

Gregg on being Marvel’s fan:

“I’ve always been a Marvel fan, for sure, I was more into athletics than comics when I was a kid, because I wanted to be a soccer player and I was mostly concentrated on that. But once I started getting into film, I really began to appreciate the message of Marvel stories. I love what the brand represents in terms of diversity, and I think that we’re living in a time where the world needs it more than ever.”

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Most adults are happy to leave their high school days behind them, but not, it would seem, Gregg Sulkin—or at least not quite yet. The British actor first came to attention several years ago playing a charming teenager who is not exactly who he seems on the Disney Channel series Wizards of Waverly Place—as the love interest of Selena Gomez, no less—and his latest part, in the new Marvel series Runaways on Hulu, follows a similar vein. But this, he insists, will be the end of the line. “I do think this will probably be my last high school role,” he says. “Mentally, you grow up, and soon I’ll be too old to play a high schooler, but while I can do it, I will.
If Sulkin has a tendency to be typecast as the high school heartthrob, the characters he portrays often reveal greater depths than are immediately apparent. On Runaways, for example, which focuses on six teenagers who use their newfound superpowers to battle a villainous supergroup composed of their parents, his Chase is a lacrosse player first seen lifting weights without a shirt on, but he also has what Sulkin describes as “untapped flashes of brilliance in engineering,” a trait he shares with his Elon Musk-like father. “In the original comics, he’s a bit of a dumb jock, so we’ve made him more layered and we’ve made him more relatable,” he explains. “We’ve made him not just one-dimensional.

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gregg sulkin gregg sulkin gregg sulkin gregg sulkin

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Gregg Sulkin from Marvel’s “Runaways” gives a new interview to RAW host Frankie Rossi.

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Gregg Sulkin puts his buff biceps on display in this new feature for Schon magazine.

Here’s what the 24-year-old Runaways actor had to share with the mag:

On Marvel: “The producer of the show called me with somebody on the line from Marvel and he said to me – which is a moment I’ll never forget – ‘Gregg, the next three words are about to change your life. Welcome to Marvel.’”

On the plot: “They won’t send my scripts to my email, in case my email gets hacked. It’s intense.”

On his personal goals: “For me, the goal is always to pull from my own experience. That’s how you stay true to being an honest character on screen. A lot of actors get caught out by trying to act and I think, when that happens, it’s not a very enjoyable experience for them or for the audience because they’re not watching truth.”

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gregg sulkin gregg sulkin gregg sulkin gregg sulkin

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Click here to order your copy featuring Gregg Sulkin. Enjoy a free digital preview of this issue below:

Words Michelle Ganney

Gregg Sulkin started out as a beloved Disney Star playing Selena Gomez’ love interest on Wizards Of Waverley Place. Well now things have become even more magical for the 24-year-old London-born actor as he has just been cast as one of the leads in Hulu’s new Marvel show Runaways. From the creators of Gossip Girl, Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage lead us into the superhero world that centers on a group of six teens who discover their parents are part of an evil crime organization. After an amazing photo shoot in Beverly Hills, BELLO mag sat down with the very talented Sulkin to talk about his newest venture into the magical universe of Marvel.

It must be any actors dream to enter the Marvel world and join forces such as Deadpool, Ant-Man, Doctor Strange and Captain America. Well it seems that was exactly the case for Sulkin as he admitted, “when I got the call, honestly I kind of jumped for joy.”

As you might have guessed, the process to getting such a coveted role was just as secretive as you might think, “before Christmas I auditioned and it was one of the those auditions where you have to sign a bunch of NDA’s and I couldn’t get my hands on the script. I didn’t know what it was or who was behind it. I just knew it was an audition that every kind of actor wanted to audition for.”

Despite being kept in the dark for quite some time, it seems Sulkin had a good feeling from the get go, “I was pumped, you know I’m always grateful and I’m always excited but I think this one had an extra flavor to it. This is a show I really wanted. Then when I found out Josh and Stephanie were involved, you know they did Gossip Girl, The O.C. and Hart Of Dixie, and that it was Marvel as well, I mean I was just like ‘okay well this is a perfect mix. I have to do this.’”

Sulkin’s character is a high school student called Chase Stein who comes from a very wealthy family. He described his situation as, “he’s battling through high school and dealing with this façade of ‘I’m not that perfect, I’m dealing with issues at home that no one knows about.’ He kind of feels ashamed to share that with the world.
And of course, like any teen drama Chase is a hunky lacrosse player in high school, so the minute Sulkin found that out he hit the gym almost immediately, “I had a feeling my shirt would be coming off a lot…so I had to say goodbye to the cookies and hello to the protein!” Seriously, go check out his Instagram stories (@greggsulkin) You’re welcome…

The up and coming cast seem to be gelling pretty well too, “everyone is amazing, everyone’s been performing so well. It’s the best, I’ve genuinely gained like five new best friends. I’ve honestly been so impressed with everyone.”

Aside from Marvel, the budding 24-year-old has a lot of other projects on his plate. He recently starred in the gritty drama Anti-Social opposite Suits actress Meghan Markle. This was a huge steer away from anything he’s ever done before, “that was a really challenging role for me because in that film I played a graffiti artist who was kind of on the wrong side of the tracks. For me that was a whole other experience and we shot in Budapest, Hungary. Again, that was over a very cold winter so of course I’m happy I did the film but I’m also so happy to be back in very warm sunny California!”

Another dark film the former Disney star is in is a thriller called Don’t Hang Up, which he has high hopes for, “I was actually really pumped with the movie, it turned out really well. I think the movie’s going to gain like a cult following.”

He did admit it wasn’t easy getting into character though, “that shoot was brutal, it was like eight weeks on the same set, with the same people, with the same actors and there was a lot of dark material. It’s full of suspense, it keeps you on the edge of your seat. It’s not too gory, it’s more a suspense film.”

He had nothing but praise for his award-winning directors too, “I just think that working with Damien [Mace] and Alexis [Waisbrot], my two French directors who have won Oscars for visual effects in the past, that kind of put a really nice spin on it. I think this film has a really unique and fresh feel to it that I think you’ll see when you watch it. They took some risks with the film and I thought they did that really well.”

Of course we couldn’t get through the interview without talking about his dedicated and multiplying fan base. Boasting 3.3m followers on Instagram and 1.12m followers on Twitter, it’s no wonder Sulkin is hoarded by girls daily, “I was on set today and we were shooting at a high school and I don’t think about that too often but I got swarmed by like 200 girls and it is so genuinely humbling.”

The endearing actor continued to highlight his modesty and humility, “I still think it’s kind of crazy that people support me but I am so appreciative of them all. They’re always so sweet, they’re always so nice and it’s great being able to share and grow with them. With my career, I think I’ve grown with my fans and kind of matured as an actor as they’ve matured.”

When asked what he wanted to say to his fans he simply said, “Thank you for having my back and for supporting me, I still don’t know why they do.”

Source: Bello Mag

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